QM / QS / QMB replacement

Marjan Keber is the new Quality Manager at HOFFMANN since September 01, 2022. As the Head of Management Systems for Quality & Environment, he is a member of the management board and reports directly to the managing directors. His responsibilities are to ensure the further development of the QM/QS system in accordance with both external and company-specific standards. This obviously includes all internal and external audits, supplier quality assessments and certifications. For quality control and quality assurance, he is able to rely fully on the support of his
five-strong team.

Mr Keber has decades of professional experience in the international elastomer industry, specialised in sealing technology. On a personal level, he is known for his wide specialist knowledge and good leadership skills that he
learned step by step from the ground up, which is rare nowadays. Trained as a master craftsman with a specialisation in mechanical engineering, he had been introduced to development and production processes, with a very high degree of vertical integration, from the very start of his career. This taught him about all the related facets of quality assurance.
That was followed by several managerial positions at well-known manufacturers and suppliers in the rubber industry for OEMs and tier 1 / 2 customers. Ten of those years were spent in development and technical sales, and twenty in quality management. Mr Keber’s accomplishments include performing a large number of initial certifications, e.g. IATF 16949, and in his function as a quality and environmental management officer he bore overall responsibility for various production plants in Germany and abroad.

‘We know Mr Keber as an elastomer expert with extensive knowledge of the rubber business. He will significantly improve the quality and environmental system at HOFFMANN. With his experience in product development processes, he is also be able to boost our communications with customers during the product development stage. He will therefore be a boon not only to our company but also to our customers’, says Managing Director Andreas Neumann. Owner Dino Zorge is also pleased with Mr Keber’s appointment and the added expertise, which will not only benefit HOFFMANN but also stand the ZORGE group in good stead.

Marjan Keber