Micro-Bonded Parts

More to it than meets the eye.

Our micro injection moulding expertise guarantees you the highest precision for your sophisticated products. Decades of production experience and our in-depth knowledge of microsystems technology make us a leading manufacturer for the miniaturization of composite parts made of rubber-metal or rubber-plastic and guarantee maximum quality for your high-tech products.

Characteristic of the tiny rubber hybrid parts are the low elastomer content, in many cases less than 100 mg, a thin rubber layer of often only 0.2 millimetres, and the guarantee of an absolutely flat sealing surface. The DIN ISO3302-1 standard for dimensional tolerances applicable to elastomer technology is no longer applicable to micro-composite parts. And even the metal part tolerances required by DIN ISO 2768-1 are now exceeded in many cases.

For this reason, the production of micro-composite parts requires a specialist who guarantees you optimum preparation of the metal or plastic parts using innovative production processes and precise dosing of the rubber injection volume down to the milligram with an exact repeat accuracy of the shot weight of 0.05 grams, as well as offering high-end tool technologies with a sophisticated mould concept for reduced tool investments.

Are you looking for exactly such a partner and expert? Then you have come to the right place. We look forward to your micro composite part inquiry!

Application of composites or hybrid components

Among other things, our micro-composite parts and micro-hybrid parts are integrated into products from system partners in measurement and control technology and sensor technology, which in turn are used in the automotive and truck industry, mechanical engineering and medical technology. Our micro-composite parts are used, for example, as armatures for control valves, seals for directional control valves and locking units, solenoid armatures, flow regulators or as sealing and control pistons for proportional valves, pressure regulators or valves for car seats.