Micro Bonded Parts

The miniaturisation of composite material made of rubber-metal or rubber-plastic requires accurate knowledge of micro systems.

Characteristics of these tiny rubber hybrid components are the small share in elastomer, in many cases below 100 mg, the thin rubber layer which is often around 0.2 mm and an absolutely even sealing surface.

The standard ISO 3302-1 valid for dimensional tolerances of elastomers cannot be applied anymore for micro hybrid components. The tolerances which are required in proportional valves, solenoid-operated valves, magnetic valves, flow regulator valves, etc., meanwhile even exceed the metal part tolerances according to ISO 2768-1.

These conditions request:

  • the optimum in preparation of metal or plastic components applying innovative production techniques
  • a dosage of the shot volume in the range of milligrammes with a repeatability of the shot volume of 0,05 gramms
  • a tooling technology in the high-end range with the HOFFMANN tooling concept allowing reduced tooling investments

Application of composites or hybrid components

Amongst others, these composites or hybrid components are integrated in products of the system suppliers for the process measuring and control technology which is utilized in the automotive industry, the mechanical engineering as well as the medical technology.

Our customers develop and manufacture complex, intelligent and miniaturized functional modules for the optimization of switching units and control elements. These subassemblies are at home in the solenoid technique, the hydraulic, pneumatic and the electronic engineering.