As an alternative to metal carriers Hoffmann can produce composite parts out of elastomer and thermoplastics like PA, PP, PEEK which are resistant against temperature and dimensionally stable :

  • Advantage in weight compared to rubber metal bonded parts
  • Advantages in costs because of lower process costs and omission of surface treatment
  • Allows a higher grade of design
  • Resistance against corrosion without surface treatment
  • 2K composite solutions (bonded parts without spraying adhesive material) allow additional cost reductions and increase the processability
  • Apart from that rubber to plastic bonded parts cover all advantages from rubber to metal bonded parts

You will find our high-quality rubber to plastic bonded parts in

Anchors, sealing rings, sealing disc, sealing carrier, insertion seal, piston, condenser cover, impeller, idler gear, friction pad, steering plunger and valve seats …