Rubber-Plastic Parts

Flexible, light and inseparable Alternative.

As an alternative to rubber-metal composite parts, we also specialize in the production of innovative, corrosion-resistant bonded parts made of rubber and plastic using temperature and dimensionally stable thermoplastics tailored to your individual requirements and wishes.

Compared to rubber-metal parts, our solutions not only offer considerable weight advantages, but also greater flexibility and design freedom, as well as significant cost benefits due to the elimination of complex surface coating processes.

2K solutions made of rubber and plastic are particularly impressive due to their self-bonding properties, making a primer redundant, thus generating further cost savings, and largely automating the manufacturing processes.

At the same time, all the other advantages of rubber-metal connections also apply to the lightweight rubber-plastic alternatives.

Whether according to BfR recommendations or FDA-compliant, as a composite parts specialist we always produce these high-quality composite parts reliably and competently in various material combinations. For production, you can choose between plastic parts supplied by you or purchased by us. Regardless of whether it is a small or large series, we guarantee you the right selection and combination of materials as well as professional pre-treatment of the plastic parts for an inseparable and extremely resilient connection. Promised!

Our bonded part specialists always have an alternative for you.  Contact us!

You will find our high-quality rubber to plastic bonded parts in

Anchors, sealing rings, sealing disc, sealing carrier, insertion seal, piston, condenser cover, impeller, idler gear, friction pad, steering plunger and valve seats