Waterjet cutted parts

Precision and versatility in perfection.

We have been established as a competent and reliable partner in waterjet cutting across all industries for over 30 years. We are your expert for advanced waterjet cutting and the production of waterjet-cut parts. With state-of-the-art waterjet cutting technology and an experienced team, we offer economical, customised solutions for every challenge, from prototypes to large-scale production.

Our services

  • Precision cutting: With our waterjet cutting systems, we guarantee precise, millimetre-accurate waterjet cuts that require no post-processing, with highest possible tolerances for the highest demands.
  • Versatile material processing: As we have both Abrasive as Pure water cutting tables we cut almost any material with a wide variety of types and properties – stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, alloyed metals, rubber, cork, composite materials, foams, fibre-reinforced plastics, ceramics and much more – with material thicknesses of 0.1 up to 30 mm.
  • Complex shapes & precise cuts: No matter how complex the shape or design of your products, we guarantee precise cuts without deformation or warping, changes in hardness or burning. This means you always get the best possible result, perfectly tailored to your needs.
  • Large selection of stock materials: To ensure that your waterjet cut parts are produced and delivered quickly and efficiently – including, of course, for the materials you provide on a contract basis.
  • Efficient implementation: Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and efficient processes, we realise your projects quickly and cost-effectively. From design and production to customised finishing, we provide everything from a single source.
  • Sustainable & resource-saving: Our environmentally friendly waterjet cutting technologies work with minimal water consumption, the recycling and re-use of water and environmentally friendly waste separation and disposal.

Convince yourself of our precision and efficiency. Contact us for a customised quote and discover the benefits of waterjet cutting!