LSR-Silicone Parts

Ideal for complex part geometries

In addition to rubber moulded parts and bonded parts, our product portfolio also includes the manufacture of silicone moulded parts. For more than two decades, we have not only mastered the common solid silicones (HTV), but also the production of customer-specific silicone moulded parts made of liquid silicone (LSR), as well as their 2K parts.

Silicone is a versatile material that is used in many applications, primarily due to its excellent temperature resistance at high and low temperatures, its electrical insulation properties and its resistance to ageing and weathering.

Moulded parts made of liquid silicone (LSR) have special processing advantages compared to moulded parts made of solid silicone rubber (HTV). These lie in shorter vulcanization or cycle times, in fully automated and post-processing-free production, and in the possibility of the 2K multi-component injection moulding process. They are also suitable for more complex part geometries with the highest precision requirements and smaller wall thicknesses.

Another advantage of liquid silicone rubbers is their odour and taste neutrality and their high level of purity. With BfR and FDA conformity, they are ideal for use in the medical and food sectors as well as in the drinking water sector. Due to their highly transparent properties and high temperature resistance, products such as silicone light guides made of liquid silicone (LSR) are used in the areas of lighting technology.

Are you still unsure whether to use liquid or solid silicone? Our silicone moulding specialists will be happy to help you with the economic aspects of both options!

LSR-parts are provided in the following application areas:

In the electrical industry in anode caps, safety mats, and electrical connector seals. In the automotive market, they are, for example, protective caps for spark plugs, parking sensors and rain sensors. Furthermore, you can find the parts made of liquid silicone rubber in medical devices as respiratory masks, cardiac catheters, contact lenses, ear plugs or suckers. In addition, they are indispensable in the sanitary industry, with its non-return valves and odour isolation valves.