Many assembly solutions with single component rubber parts and metal parts have, nowadays, become composite systems. The assembly of components will be omitted. Thus, significant cost reductions can be generated. The choice of the appropriate composite system is essential for the quality of the rubber to metal bonded part. Whatever load is put on the composite part the rubber coating may never separate from the metal part.

Your advantage with the use of bonded parts:

  • All rubber combinations with differing metals like aluminium, stainless steel, brass, or others are possible
  • Reduction of single components and, therefore, ease of handling of only one part in your purchasing, goods entry and warehouse
  • No need for assembly work on the shop-floor
  • Elimination of assembly errors
  • Reliability and operational safety through an adhering compound
  • Higher resilience of the components

Below you will find a selection of our high-quality rubber to metal bonded parts:

Anchor, draw rolls, buffers and sealing elements, sealing plates, seals, sealing rings, sealing washers, rubber joints, rubber caps, rubber- metal buffers, rubber-metal suction cups, rubber rolls, joystick, rollers, paste rolls, sleeves, machine feet, standard pistons, vibration absorbers, silicon suction cups, lids, seals for cover and openings, etc.