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Complete industry diversity for your individual requirements.

ZORGE-HOFFMANN stands for industry diversity that convinces. With European production sites in Germany, Hungary and the Netherlands, as a manufacturer and TIER / OEM supplier we supply – directly or indirectly – renowned companies from a wide range of technology sectors worldwide.

Despite all the differences, all industries have one thing in common: they must trust in reliable and transparent processes and ensure that the manufactured products are always of the highest quality. Whether it’s the automotive and commercial vehicle sector, key areas of the semiconductor industry and e-mobility, the energy industry, mechanical engineering, heating and sanitary technology, the household goods and medical sectors or emerging industries such as hydrogen – we know their special features and have the necessary knowledge, experience and manufacturing expertise for every requirement.

We meet your specific challenges regardless of your industry. See for yourself!

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  • Innovative production principles for competitive costs
  • Confirmation of compliance with REACH and RoHS via the IMDS
  • Case hardened moulds for big volume production and long tooling lifetime
  • Long lasting product lifetime by applying high grade customized materials
  • Initial sampling according to VDA or PPAP in approval with customers
Èva Schleisz-Bognár

„ZORGE-HOFFMANN has also established itself as a reliable business partner in e-mobility. I am proud that in the electric automobiles and e-hybrid vehicles from Daimler (EQA, EQB), Hyundai, KIA and VW (ID3, ID4) always include a rubber composite part from ZORGE-HOFFMANN in every battery system.“

Èva Schleisz-Bognár, Sales & Project Manager


In addition to the advantages shown under “Automotive”, manufacturers and market leaders of battery systems also benefit from

  • innovative product developments for e-sealing solutions
  • new material/composite combinations for battery modules, e.g. semi-permeable PTE foil with EPDM
  • multi-functional assemblies consisting of seal, burst protection and pressure compensation

For reasons of confidentiality (non disclosure agreements), we can, unfortunately, only display products to a very limited extent.

Measurement and control technique

  • Sophisticated high precision inspection methods for in the range of a hundredth of a mm
  • Smooth handling of highest precision surfaces of carrier parts
  • Fulfilment of technical cleanliness requirements and functional surface coatings
  • Optimal compression sets of applied sealing elastomer materials
  • Highest mould precision for highest parts precision


  • Dielectric strength and low PAH elastomer compounds
  • Durable composite solutions for high dynamic stress
  • Hybrid solutions to avoid summation of tolerances and omittance of costly assembly work
  • Supply of assemblies

Semiconductor industry & Mechanical engineering

  • Wide range of applications for the highest demands on sealing and vibration damping
  • From prototype construction to small and medium-sized series to automated large-scale production
  • Functional, abrasion-resistant compounds
  • CT scans and dynamic tests with documentation for each individual part (on customer request or if required by the application)
  • Cleanroom packaging

For reasons of confidentiality we are not able to display our highlights.

Medical technology

  • FDA conforming materials
  • High standards with regards to cleanliness with post washing processes for optimal surface excellence
  • Coloured, white compounds without embedded pigments
  • 100% inspection on demoulding errors, cleanliness and burr-free products
Ronald van der Lans

„In our work we ensure maximum quality and product safety by adhering to the highest quality standards to fulfil satisfaction of our customers in any industry!“

Ronald van der Lans, Account Manager

Heating & plumbing technology

  • Compliance with all proven industry standards, including EN 549 and EN 14241
  • Use of high-quality, heat-resistant elastomer sealing solutions
  • Reliable sealing and flexible connection for dynamic environments such as fittings, pipelines and valves, including hydrogen applications
  • Prevention of leaks
  • Ensuring the longevity of heating systems and sanitary components

Household goods/-appliances

  • High-precision rubber and silicone mouldings
  • Ensuring purity requirements and specific guidelines for example:
    • Food (EC1935/2004, EC2023/2006, BfR XV., FDA §177.2600)
    • Drinking water (DGVW W270, WRAS, KIWA, BS)
    • Health, skin contact, allergens (EC1169/2011, FALCPA, European Pharmacopoeia)
    • Toys (DIN EN 71-3 and 71-9, CPSIA)
  • Efficient, highly precise production processes for small series and mass production

More sectors

Individual sealing and vibration technology for the technical retail market, building industry, furniture sector, sanitary engineering, fittings industry, food branch, sport and gambling industry, dental technology, …