ZORGE Hungary: Investment of a fully automated optical control system for dimensional and surface control of moulded rubber parts

Our ZORGE sister company in Hungary also invested in automation last year. With the high-precision, visual control system, the customer specifications of geometries and dimensional parameters such as lengths, inside and outside diameters or the ovality (deviation of the pipe cross-section from the round shape) of moulded rubber parts are checked fully automatically and checked for surface defects such as burrs or notches. O-rings and circular or oval-shaped moulded parts up to a diameter of around 90 mm are particularly suitable for this.

Special cameras respectively and viewing stations check each moulded rubber part for any defects at high inspection speeds. The resulting images are forwarded to a PC in real time, where they are processed and evaluated. As a result, the control system knows which part has to be sorted and how. Depending on whether the molded rubber part is compliant, non-compliant or requires rework, it is sorted into one of three collection bins accordingly. The output quantity is currently around 25,000 pieces per day and depends on the size, shape and complexity of the product and is suitable for large series.

Convince yourself with our short video excerpt: