New: TPE composite parts

HOFFMANN expands its bonded parts portfolio and invests furthermore 500,000 euros in the automation of a TPE series system.

In addition to the 2- or 3-component compounds made of rubber-metal and rubber-plastic, we now also offer our customers thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) as composite parts – a further innovative pillar in the elastomer family.

Together with the world’s largest manufacturer of vehicle interior systems and components, prototypes of a micro-anchor made of TPE and metal have been developed in recent months and are ready for series production. In order to combine process reliability and economy here as well, HOFFMANN invested half a million euros in a fully automated TPE production line. This line can produce up to four million composite parts per year, which are used for the pneumatic control technology of the adjustment and comfort area of ​​car seats. The TPE mould is automatically fitted with metal parts, the finished TPE micro composite part is removed from the mould by a robot after the vulcanization process and placed separately according to cavities. This is followed by a fully automated, one hundred percent optical inspection and measurement of the relevant dimensions. The result: high-precision anchors for use in valves in the comfort area of ​​car seats.

TPE production is a production process that differs significantly from elastomer vulcanization. The elastomer vulcanization process requires high mould temperatures and significantly longer cycle times than TPE injection moulding. Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) belong to one of the most interesting material groups of the last decades, with high growth rates.

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