Half a million euros investment in automation for parts preparation

Two fully automatic machines were put into operation in May and September 2022 with the new degreasing and cleaning system and a coating robot for plastic and metal inserts. Two further milestones in the automation offensive were thus achieved, resulting in even greater process reliability while, at the same time, increasing capacities.

The new coating machine

In order to obtain and ensure an optimal adhesive bond in the production of composite parts, the respective insert or connection parts made of metal and/or plastic must be pre-treated with great care and extreme precision. All surfaces must be free of grease, in most cases roughened and coated with an adhesion promoter suitable for the elastomer and insert. In order to achieve a permanent, chemical bonding between the different materials during the vulcanization process, a certain vulcanization time/internal pressure in the cavity of the tool as well as the correct heating temperature and time are required.

The new automatic coating machine replaces three steps in manual production: roughening of the surface, which is to be vulcanized, heating the parts in preparation for the application of the adhesion promoter, and the actual coating with the adhesion promoter. Of course, each step is monitored by camera and process reliability and quality are guaranteed.

The new degreasing and cleaning system

While delivering very high technical cleanliness of moulded parts, the system is not only fast, but also ecological and economical. Regardless of whether the workpieces are treated as individual parts, set goods or bulk goods, the new, automated cleaning system ensures optimal and efficient cleaning for the pre-treatment of moulded parts made of plastic, ceramic and/or metal. The operation and all process steps such as cleaning, rinsing, vapor degreasing and preservation take place under a full vacuum. This enables shorter cycle times and reduces the use of energy, protects the cleaning medium and reduces solvent consumption to a minimum. Another advantage results from the redundant process monitoring, which not only protects people and the environment, but also leads to the greatest possible process reliability.

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