Rubber Compass® – now to go

Modern design with app character and state of the art make the Rubber Compass® from HOFFMANN mobile (assuming a current browser). Via, the innovative internet tool works on any end device – whether smartphone, iPad, notebook or the classic desktop version. In the usual way, the Rubber Compass® as a guide to every branch supports anyone who is looking for a suitable rubber compound for its product application. Comfortable, fast and simple. Not only buyers, developers and designers appreciate it as a useful tool in the search for the right compound, but also numerous trainees and students.

In addition, the Rubber Compass® has been extended to a total of 18 choice criteria with new, additional query features, such as the resistance to AdBlue and glycol. The user-friendly classification into chemical, mechanical and physical characteristics has been retained. After entering the requirements for the elastomer, the result is achieved after a few mouse-clicks: From the 14 commercially available types of elastomers, the Rubber Compass® proposes to the user one or more suitable rubber compounds which are linked to the Rubber Dictionary for additional information and assistance. Also new is that there is a PRINT or SAVE function of the results. At any time, additional characteristics, such as drinking water suitability or a certain temperature resistance, can be added or deselected.

However, if the requirement profile for the rubber is very exceptional that there is no standard or customized rubber compound available, then the innovative tool still finds a way to the right rubber compound: The rubber specialists from HOFFMANN will help with custom-tailored solutions!