1. Make your choice
Please choose one or more rubber properties by clicking onto the property buttons, Clicking again makes your choice obsolete. Don‘t forget saving the required properties by the “confirm selection” button when using the mobile version.

2. Indication of the rubber type
The rubber-compass will show you, after having chosen a property, simultaneously the corresponding elastomer as well as possible alternatives in a window on the left hand side off the rubber-compass. The proposals are linked to the rubber-dictionary which allows you to receive more informations to the elastomeres at any time as e.g. available hardnesses in Shore A. With the return-button you will get back to the rubber-compass.

3. Reporting of your entries
With the function print you can printout your entries and the corresponding results at any time.

4. Reset-button
If you would like to reset all your chosen criteriasthe Reset-button on the screen or in the middle of the rubber-compass. All marked properties will be deleted again.

5. IT preconditions
The Hoffmann Rubber Compass can only be shown correctly if you use a latest browser version. If you have technical problems please contact us and let us know your system software, your browser type and – version.

6. No guarantee
The Rubber Compass must be seen as first information which basic elastomer will be suitable for your specification. It does not replace the testing of the chosen rubber compound for your application. We will not take over any liability for the determined results of the Rubber Compass.

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