We have been successfully active for nearly 60 years. Our customers trust this experience, which guarantees quality. And this is our company philosophy.

1961 Founding of Manfred Hoffmann India rubber pressing plant in Kirchheim / Teck.
1966 Founding of Hoffmann GmbH rubber goods factory.
1977 Move into the new company building. Start up of the first injection moulding machine for the production of rubber moulded parts.
1990 Entry of Dr. Andreas Hoffmann (son of the founder of the company) into the corporate management.
1996 First quality certification of Hoffmann GmbH according to DIN/ISO 9002.
2002 Production of the first XXL rubber moulded parts on a 400 ton rubber injection moulding machine.
2003 Entry of Jochen Kugler (former Managing Director from Gummi-Metall, Scheufele & Gienger Ltd.) into the Corporate Management.
2004 Start of the serial production of rubber to metal/plastic bonded parts.
2006 Specializing on micro composites (miniature rubber to metal and rubber to plastic bonded parts)
2007 Expansion of the standard program of buffers with products like Bonded Seals and Gamma Rings.
2008 Upgrading of the metal and plastic preparation department with a new degreasing machine, an additional postcuring oven and a universal tensile test device.
2009 Expansion of the product range with a new catalogue program of O-Rings. New 450 tons injection moulding machine with shuttle principle for the production of composite parts.
2010 New 50 tons micro injection moulding machine for the production of micro hybrid components.
2011 Hoffmann celebrates her 50th anniversary. Expansion of standard products with x-rings
2012 New logistics area for improved component logistic
2013 Modernisation of machinery with 3 injection molding machines (50, 160 and 250 tons clamping force)
2014 New 450 tons injection molding machine for high volume production of a rubber to plastic bonded part (automotive)
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Participation at exhibition IZB in Wolfburg
2016 Strategic alliance with Zorge Europe B.V., Netherlands
2017 New 100 tons Micro-injection moulding machine to Keep pace with the growth in the Segment Micro bonded parts
2018 Expansion of our production Department Micro-injection-moulding with 2 furthrt 50 tons Micro-injection moulding machines
2019 Entry into plasma technology to avoid Stick-Slip-Effect
Complete renovation of metal parts preparation department applying the latest machine technology