Transfer moulding cold runner

Transfer moulding cold runners are used with compression transfer moulding processes (CTM) or with injection transfer moulding processes (ITM) for the production of rubber moulded parts. The transfer unit is cooled through a cooling agent and thermically separated through an insulation plate from the heated vulcanization zone of the mould. Usually water is used as a cooling agent. The transfer from the cooled to the heated zone follows through nozzle elements.

In contrast to nozzle cold runners with transfer moulding cold runners the nozzle elements are not cooled individually but rather through the entire cooling block. The elastomer material found in the transfer units does not vulcanize with each production cycle and can be used in the following cycle for the production of moulded parts.

While the nozzle cold runners usually are used with small calibre numbers and larger moulded parts, transfer moulding cold runners are better suitable for high calibre numbers of rather small volumes of rubber moulded parts.

transmolding coldrunner