Electromobility: New rubber-PTFE composite part

After the start of series production, HOFFMANN now delivers more than half a million rubber-PTFE composite parts to a well-known German automobile manufacturer. The innovative membrane-elastomer composite part guarantees efficient pressure balancing in lithium-ion batteries of electric vehicles and also serves as protection against bursting.

The semi-permeable sintered PTFE film used prevents moisture from penetrating into the battery despite pressure compensation. Safety elements, so-called bursting discs, ensure that in the event of an accident and a possible thermal chain reaction, the pressure in the battery housing is quickly diverted to the outside.

HOFFMANN can advantageously combine both protective components in one component as a bursting membrane according to the motto “Two in One”:

Special PTFE foils with predetermined air flow rates are put together in a vulcanizing tool in an injection molding process to form a firmly adhered composite part. In this process, particular care must be taken to ensure that the air exchange volume that is mandatory for the membrane is maintained.

In addition to these bursting membrane discs, HOFFMANN also offers technical solutions without membranes as pure rubber-metal or rubber-plastic composite parts.

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