Industrial sectors


  • Innovative production principles for competitive costs
  • Confirmation of compliance with REACH and RoHS via the IMDS
  • Case hardened molds for big volume production and long tooling lifetime
  • Long lasting product lifetime applying high grade customized materials
  • Initial sampling according to VDA or PPAP in approval with customers



In addition to the advantages shown under “Automotive”, manufacturers and market leaders of battery systems also benefit from

  • innovative product developments for e-sealing solutions
  • new material/composite combinations for battery modules, e.g. semi-permeable PTE foil with EPDM
  • multi-functional assemblies consisting of seal, burst protection and pressure compensation

For reasons of confidentiality (non disclosure agreements), we can, unfortunately, only display products to a very limited extent.

  • 2K battery-sealing2K-battery-sealing
  • pressure valve
  • burst disc
  • protector powercore
  • discharge plug
  • cooling seal
  • segment sealing

Measurement and control technique

  • Sophisticated inspection methods for high precision in the range of hundredth of a mm
  • Smooth handling of highest precision surfaces of carrier parts
  • Fullfilment of technical cleanliness requirements and functional surface coatings
  • Optimal compression sets of applied sealing elastomer materials
  • Highest mold precision for highest parts precision



  • Elastomer compounds persistent against dielectric breakdown and PAH free
  • Durable composite solutions for high dynamic stress
  • Hybrid solutions to avoid summation of tolerances and omittance of costly assembly work
  • Supply of assemblies including oil seals, V-rings, O-rings, etc.


Mechanical engineering

  • Wide range of applications in the sealing and vibration technology
  • From prototypes via small and middle sized up to automized big series production
  • Compounds with functional reliability and good abrasion behaviour
  • Large standard program of antivibration mounts, bonded seals, Gamma-rings, V-rings, O-rings


Medical technology

  • Materials with FDA conformity
  • High standards with regards to cleanliness with post washing processes for optimal surface excellence
  • Coloured, white compounds without embedded pigments
  • 100% inspection on demoulding errors, cleanliness and burr-free products


Further branches

Individual sealing and vibration technology for the technical retail market, building industry, furniture sector, sanitary
engineering, fittings industry, food branch, sport and gambling industry, dental technology