Industrial sectors


Innovative production principles for competitive costs
Confirmation of compliance with REACH and RoHS via the IMDS
Case hardened molds for big volume production and long tooling lifetime
Long lasting product lifetime applying high grade customized materials
Initial sampling according to VDA or PPAP in approval with customers

Measurement and control technique

Sophisticated inspection methods for high precision in the range of hundredth of a mm
Smooth handling of highest precision surfaces of carrier parts
Fullfilment of technical cleanliness requirements and functional surface coatings
Optimal compression sets of applied sealing elastomer materials
Highest mold precision for highest parts precision



Elastomer compounds persistent against dielectric breakdown and PAH free
Durable composite solutions for high dynamic stress
Hybrid solutions to avoid summation of tolerances and omittance of costly assembly work
Supply of assemblies including oil seals, V-rings, O-rings, etc.


Mechanical engineering

Wide range of applications in the sealing and vibration technology
From prototypes via small and middle sized up to automized big series production
Compounds with functional reliability and good abrasion behaviour
Large standard program of antivibration mounts, bonded seals, Gamma-rings, V-rings, O-rings


Medical technology

Materials with FDA conformity
High standards with regards to cleanliness with post washing processes for optimal surface excellence
Coloured, white compounds without embedded pigments
100% inspection on demoulding errors, cleanliness and burr-free products


Further branches

Individual sealing and vibration technology for the technical retail market, building industry, furniture sector, sanitary
engineering, fittings industry, food branch, sport and gambling industry, dental technology